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Name:Pastiche Fiction
Posting Access:All Members, Moderated
Community description:Pastiche Fiction -- original and fandom

:X: The fandom definition: transplanting a whole set of characters into another world. Pastiche is not the same as crossovers because in crossovers, characters from two different worlds interact.

In a way, Thursday Next is a pastiche. (Awesome premise but poor execution).
[ profile] reel_merlin fics, where BBC Merlin characters are transplanted into the world of various movies, are pastiches.

[ profile] fourth_rose's "It's Never Lupus," where Harry Potter characters are transplanted into the world of House, M.D., is a pastiche.

[personal profile] lilian_cho's "Draco and the Ducklings," where Harry Potter characters interact with House, M.D. characters, is a crossover and not a pastiche.

:X: The Wikipedia definition:
1. hodge-podge
2 a. style imitation (Regency novels written in the style of 19th C Brit Lit, for example)
2 b. parody (Don Quixote is a pastiche of medieval romances)
3. posthumous continuation of a work (say after Rowling keeled over, people write a Snamione sequel to Book Seven)

[community profile] pastiche is an open community for posting any pastiche fiction, as defined above. In addition to posting new pastiche stories, you may also post links to your older pastiche stories. All fandoms and original works are welcome here. If you are concerned about plagiarism, you may f-lock the post(s) to your original works.

When writing pastiche fanfiction, you should ask yourself, do I have both sets of characters in the story? If you do, it's a crossover. If you don't, it's a pastiche.

AU fanfiction qualifies, as long as it fulfills the pastiche definition above.

If you post a crossover in this community, you will receive a warning and your entry will be deleted.

Try not to base your pastiche fiction on a work that is in turn a pastiche. If a work is clearly a pastiche (e.g. Shrek), you probably will give yourself a headache turning it into a further hodge-podge story.

From time to time, the moderator ([personal profile] lilian_cho) will post sign-ups/challenges. Members may post pastiche fiction other than sign-up/challenge responses at any time, as long as it fits the community guidelines. If you have any suggestions for sign-ups/challenges, please inform the moderator here.

Here are the seven community guidelines:

1) When you join, please do an introductory post:

Name: (what you want people to call you)
[Optional] Age and Location: (be as vague or specific as you want)
Favorite fiction:
Favorite pastiche fiction:
Favorite authors:
[Optional] Favorite LJ authors:
[Optional] Link(s) to your works:

The introductory posts masterlist is here.

2) All works of all genre (except for PWP) and ratings are allowed.

- No gratuitous sex (PWP) or violence please. Please use sex and/or violence as a literary element or as a plot device (e.g. Toni Morrison's The Bluest Eye).

- Try to make cursing culturally specific (e.g. Americans would not say "git"). Having curses every other sentence will only serve to annoy your reader (Read Tim O'Brien "The Things They Carried" for some effective use of cursing). Be careful when using RL derogatory terms: make sure that readers understand that it is the character(s) and NOT you that are saying/thinking those terms.

- When writing fanfiction, please comply with basic canon facts. Please post warnings for deviance from canon. (e.g. AU ep. 10, EWE, DH-compliant except XYZ still lives.)

- OoC-ness is only allowed in parodies. OCs in fanfictions are only allowed as side characters. Canon character/OC pairing is only allowed as a side pairing.
If you are writing in a fandom that has a gazillion characters (e.g. Naruto, Prince of Tennis), and yet you create an OC as the protagonist's primary love interest, the mod reserves the right to rant about the sorry state of your fandom.

- Any grammar and/or spelling mistakes must be intentional. CAPSLOCK is only allowed in parodies (e.g. CAPSLOCK!Harry). Use italics and bold tags instead for emphasis.

- Spehshul Sparklypoo font is banned here. Offenders will be asked to form a sparklypoo community.

3) All works posted must be, however loosely, a pastiche as defined above.

4) Every work must be posted behind an lj-cut, with a header containing the following information:
Pairing(s) or Character(s):
The work is a pastiche of:
[For fanfic] Fandom(s):
[For fanfic] Disclaimer: This story is based on characters and situations created and owned by [...], various publishers including but not limited to [...]. No money is being made, and no copyright or trademark infringement is intended.

When answering [community profile] pastiche-specific challenges, please post your text in its entirety under a cut tag in this community.

For non-challenge posts, you may link to another journal or Web site. Please do not link to an f-locked post or a password-protected Web site--except if it's a ridiculously famous Web site like Restricted Section. You can always f-lock your work if you post it directly here.

Your post will then go through a moderation queue. If one week has passed and you still have not received an e-mail, go ahead and PM the mod at [personal profile] lilian_cho.

5) Please be responsible and only view the works that you can handle.

6) The moderator reserves the right to delete trollings and/or wanks.
Trolling is NOT the same with being a devil's advocate.
Please be mature and keep an open mind. If you find a particular post and/or comment offensive, simply ignore it.

7) Plugging other DW communities are fine, as long as it has similar interests with [community profile] pastiche.
Please return the favor and plug this community in your personal DW or DW community.

Affiliated Communities:
(To be an affiliate, contact the mod at [personal profile] lilian_cho)
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